Restaurant Reno . 1200 sf. Toronto, ON . 2018

Future home of Ten Restaurant led by talented head chef Julian Bentavegna, this renovation focuses around the concept of an intimate and personal chef’s table for 10 patrons. Customers are welcomed with a bright airy lounge at the front of the space where they can grab a drink before service. When ready, customers are led through a large wooden millwork piece that transitions the experience from bright and airy to a cozy dark intimate space. Highlighting the ‘theatre’ aspect, a black box is created by using lower ceiling heights and dark materials surrounding the bright ‘stage’ that is the chef’s table. Another feature of this renovation is the integration of a universally accessible space. These spaces are difficult to find in Toronto and a conscious effort was made to incorporate accessible design features, such as the ramp and chef’s table, not as simple add-ons, but as integrated features to the design as a whole.